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Originally Posted by wombatwal View Post
What is going to happen in the U.S.A. when Trump can't, Build the wall, Bring industry back, get jobs to the jobless, raise the minimum wage so that the people that voted for him can live, stop Muslims, stop Latinos, gaol Hiliary, clean out the sewer that is Washington DC (Trumps words as best I can remember), impose 45% import tax on Chinese goods, drop NATO, drop South Korea and Japan, Nuke Middle East or any other area he and his deplorables do not agree with.
I am sure there are many others.
As it turns out the 'deplorables' will storm congress to overturn the results of a free and fair election to get him four more years. Remember how everyone objecting to Trump was being 'melodramatic' and that 'Trump can't do that much damage in four years anyway'?
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