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Originally Posted by Meadmaker View Post
There are some things that drive me bonkers, and reviews in online app stores are one of those things. I'm looking for an MP3 player for my Android phone. I go to the Google Play Store, and put in MP3 Player. Needless to say, there are lots of them. How to choose? Let's look at ratings. Inevitably:

Five stars: This app is the mostest awesomest!!! It does everything!

Followed by

One star: This *%&^% app broke my phone and never works!


So I turn here and hope someone has some suggestions. My needs are fairly simple. Every Halloween night, I play classical music through my yard. (Toccatta and Fugue, Danse Macabre, that sort of thing.) For twenty years, that meant pulling out my computer to play the MP3 files (all legally purchased, I might add) and running the extension cord to power the speakers and keep the PC alive.

Well, I decided this year, to enter the 21st century. Those little battery powered Bluetooth speakers are plenty good for my small yard, so all I need is to find an app that I can take a dozen MP3 files off of my PC, and tell the app to play them in a loop. I pair the device with my little, but powerful, Bluetooth speaker, and its time to hand out candy.

But....what MP3 player. Reading about the apps, some of them scan my phone to find MP3s. I don't want that. Lots of them go out to the internet and look for other songs I might like. I don't want that. I want them to play my songs that I select and that I've already paid for, that I can load onto my phone, and that's that. Simple. 20 years ago, I bought devices that did that just fine, but without the Bluetooth part, but I don't have those devices anymore. When it comes right down to it, I don't even need the Bluetooth part. I could just plug in the headphone jack. However, the phone and the speaker already have buetooth, so I'm ok with it.

I'm cheap, so the best app would be free, but I'm willing to pay a few bucks to avoid an advertisement suddenly coming on instead of my music.

Putting it slightly differently, I want a very simple, bare bones, MP3 player that won't interfere with its core function of playing the selected MP3 files by deciding that I probably want it to do a bunch of other stuff for me. No need for album art, organizing my music library, or finding other songs I might like either already on my phone or out in the cloud somewhere.

Any recommendations?
Usually your phone will have baked in player.
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