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Originally Posted by Meadmaker View Post
For me, it wouldn't have to be "fantastic". I don't want "fantastic". I want simple.

However, I, too, am loathe to use two devices when I know that my existing device has everything it needs to do the function I want it to do. I just need to figure out a way to make it do what I want it to do, and not do a bunch of other things that I don't want it to do.

ETA: Actually, the MP3 players would probably work, but they tend to lack a Bluetooth capability. That's not an absolute must have, but it's something I would like. I really though I was going to use my laptop, and then I discovered my laptop didn't have Bluetooth. I was rather amazed to discover that. I really though it was pretty standard, even though I, myself, had never used it, so I didn't notice its absence when I bought it.

Cheap MP3 player with Bluetooth.

When I'm working food festivals I take a BT speaker and have been using my phone, but if I leave the stand I have to leave my phone or have the music stop, plus the signal can get iffy when people are walking between the phone & speaker, including if the phone's in my pocket and I'm walking around. I've picked this up so I have something cheap to use instead. The sound quality isn't bad at all.
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