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Originally Posted by ozziemate View Post
If I am not mistaken at any moment in time a photon exists at t=0 from whatever reference frame we are in.


In other words the photon when it hits the eye is exactly t=0 smack bang in the middle between the past and the future.
That doesn't mean anything other than that it's possible to specify that an event occurs at a given time. Your first sentence doesn't appear to mean anything at all.

Originally Posted by ozziemate View Post
well as discussed in another thread, how big is the universe at t=0 ?

take the time out of space time and what do you have?

so how can a photon exist in a universe that is zero dimensional?
You're confusing timescales relative to different events, assuming I've understood even that much. Time can be defined relative to any arbitrary zero, which is what you're doing in the first half of your post. I think you're suggesting, in the second half, that this is equivalent to an absolute zero of time, which it isn't. In other words, just because an event can be defined as happening at a specific instant of time, and that a time scale can be defined relative to that instant, that doesn't mean that all events must happen at the moment that time begins.

Alternatively, you may just be misquoting Jonathan Livingston Seagull, in which case I suggest you re-read it.

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