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Originally Posted by Sol88 View Post
There is ice. As proven. Enough to stop the solar wind in its tracks.

Really dude? Stop the solar wind?

Bugger me... ay tusenfem?

Far as I’m aware, mainstream are now aware the comet with its pissy, and doubtful, ice content is only deflecting the solar wind around it. The rest is all ambipolar, hall, solar wind and surface electric field interplays. Very hard for the mathamagicians

This same “ice” is also responsible for the creation and maintenance of cometary tails, so far recorded as massive solar system structures.

Ice, eh?
Another example of pure ignorance. Those fields don't just spring into being. They are caused by the interaction of the solar wind with the cometary coma. Which contains shed loads of volatiles from ices. And I guess you are too much of a coward to email Patzold, yes?
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