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Originally Posted by Nessie View Post
The most noticeable part of the recent stockpile/shortages is that the supermarkets were still full of food. There was no danger of going hungry. We are not fussy eaters and years of watching Ready, Steady Cook means we are happy to get creative from odd bags of food.

I went to Sainsbury's at the very beginning of the lockdown. I wanted to get a bit more because prior to the lockdown Johnson seriously seemed to be intending to have a single-peak unmitigated epidemic in which case I would not have wanted to go into any public place for about six months. I was holding off in the hope that rationing would ease, but made the slightly irrational decision to go just as the lockdown was announced. My main concern was cat food and I got that no problem in Pets At Home but decided to go to Sainsbury's anyway while I was there.

There was quite strict rationing. I saw a notice at the entrance saying that a few scarce items were limited to three per shopper, see notices on the shelves, but when I got to the checkout they were imposing a three-item limit on everything. This was widely interpreted too, so that only three of any sort of cheese, and only three cartons of any sort of juice, whether fresh or long life. There was nothing like that indicated on the shelves, and an assistant had to take several things back that I had put in my trolley. If I'd known I would have got some different items or perhaps larger pack sizes, but I didn't want to linger any longer.

When I went to the Co-op in the village ten days ago, a much smaller shop and I would have thought under pressure because a lot of people who usually drive out to the bigger supermarkets would be using it, there was no real sign of a shortage of anything. Except diet Pepsi, which I presume was just out of stock for normal reasons,

Originally Posted by Nessie View Post
The only thing that could have caused issues was loo roll as there is no sensible substitute, unless you want to risk blocking the drains.

I think you're a bit lacking in imagination there. (I'm also quite startled by how much loo roll some people seem to get through.)
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