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Originally Posted by Stacyhs View Post
Exactly. Some Republicans will vote R just because they want lower taxes, are anti-immigrant, pro-gun rights and/or anti-abortion. But SOME are just plain stupid. We see it when they open their mouths and say stupid things like some of the things I posted earlier and what we saw in that video and others.
I know this is true, at least in my limited experience, as my community is full of them. The Republicans I deal with (including most of my family) think Trump is a clown, but leading up to the election, went "but look at the ALTERNATIVE!" as though Biden was Emperor Palpatine.

I'm convinced that the current wave of Republicans are riding high on successfully demonizing immigrants and minorities to white lunkheads who consistently vote against their own self-interests just to "stick it to the Commie libruls." Considering the demographics of this country will soon be evenly white/non-white, this situation is only going to get worse.

ETA:Also, I can remember the "liberals are going to take away our guns" BS as far back as I can remember, and since I'm almost fifty, I can't help but laugh at people who still say it with a straight face. Exactly when is this going to happen? When the NRA is pushing protections for fusion powered plasma rifles?
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