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Originally Posted by Delvo View Post
Just different parts or aspects of it. The people on the other side are just people, like you. Their brains mostly work the same way as yours so they come to their conclusions the same way people on your side do.
Not that I like it when the left wing lies, but as far as I can tell, it is more common on the right. Plus, if mainstream media gets it wrong, IMO they are more willing to admit it than outlets on the right. The right will do it if absolutely necessary, as they apparently concluded in various claims involving Dominion voting machines.

I don't get into many detailed conversations with Trump supporters, as the ones I am most likely to run across are in my own family and I'm not prepared to cut ties. But one example, a lady who lives on campus was absolutely convinced Biden was senile because he tripped up some words and made a reference to himself being "Joe Biden's wife" when he meant to say "Jill Biden's husband." But no amount of sheer gobbledygook on Trump's part makes any impression whatsoever. Joe Biden supposedly has corrupt ties to China, but the Trump family's potentially corrupt ties to China are never questioned.
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