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I live in the Netherlands.
Last year, tullio simoncini was giving his treatments with sodium bicarbonate in a private clinic for alternative 'medicine' in Bilthoven in the Netherlands.

October 2007, a woman with curable breast cancer, who was afraid of operation and chemo therapy, came into contact with simoncini and was treated by him. He injected large doses of baking soda into her breast.
On the fourth day of the therapy, the woman became very ill and was transported to a university hospital in Amsterdam, where she died the following day.

The matter is since under investigation by the Dutch Justice Department.
Simoncini denies he ever treated the woman, although various staff members have seen him administering injections. The clinic maintains the woman died of dehydration (sic).

As far as we know, simoncini is now trying to set up business in the USA. He has modified his theory and now says that cancer is no longer a fungus, but hides a fungus inside. It has to be treated with baking soda als well as with all kinds of holistic and spiritual remedies, whatever they may be.

There is no evidence whatsoever that cancer is a fungus and that it can be cured with baking soda.

There is not one scientific article to be found by tullio simoncini, so it is highly unlikely that he ever was an oncologist.
Also, he has never produced any documents such as medical files, proving that he ever cured anyone of cancer.

Since the death of the woman, her partner is being harassed by simoncini followers.

I think he is a dangerous and callous charlatan. He gives incurable people fase hope and robs them of their money and makes treatable patients stop their regular therapy.

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