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Originally Posted by The Don View Post
Even as an arch Rejoiner, this story doesn't pass the sniff test for me.

As has been pointed out, he is entitled to use the EU citizens immigration line at least until the end of the transition period. IMO this story is either made up entirely, or Colin Browning isn't a Brexiteer and carried out this stunt to point out how bad things may be.

The only thing missing is a closing "and the the whole airport stood up and cheered"
I have flown through there a few times. I have experienced realy long queues to get between terminals. I think we from the UK fly in to the same one and have to go through passport controls to another if we are flying out of the Schengen side of the airport. There are several queues to get through passport controls and when it is busy they manage the queues moving people around to minimise the queue length regardless of your passport.

So I believe it happened but not for the reasons he thinks.

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