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Originally Posted by Skeptic Ginger View Post
Right or wrong, I've been a nurse practitioner since 1985. I know some people in this thread have tried to belittle that as if... whatever.
Nobody has tried to belittle your profession. Most of the participants in this thread have expressed deep appreciation of nurse practitioners, and on more than one occasion. What we have done, however, is to point out that a family practice nurse practitioner is not an expert in psychiatry, and does not constitute a reasonable authority with respect to complex psychiatric diagnoses. As I've said before, this is very comparable to my own profession - I am a health actuary, and that does not make me a reliable authority if the topic is property insurance.

Originally Posted by Skeptic Ginger View Post
Bottom line, I didn't just read a rule on the Internet.
Nor does anyone believe that's all you've done. But to date, you have not backed up your claim to authority on this, you've merely insulted anyone who disagrees with you, while not supporting your claims with anything other than accusations of Duning-Kruger.
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