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Originally Posted by michaelsuede View Post
Perhaps its because I don't like to watch a society collapse like Zimbabwe?

Contrary to popular belief, there are still many people in society who value human life and freedom.

Nothing would make me happier than to lose my ass on my silver holdings. Because the only way that will happen is if the Fed and Congress start acting like adults.

Since it can be pretty much assumed that the Fed and Congress will never act like adults, we know historically that precious metals will become the only method of wealth storage.
Ah, it's a public service announcement. You are simply behaving altruistically while arguing with complete strangers on the internet about your investment strategy. How silly of me not to realize.
"The priests used to say that faith can move mountains, and nobody believed them. Today the scientists say that they can level mountains, and nobody doubts them." - Joseph Campbell

We cannot defend freedom abroad by abandoning it at home. —Edward R. Murrow
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