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When was the luminol applied

Originally Posted by JTF View Post
My reference to the Luminol test is in regards to the photographs taken after the chemical was sprayed on the garage floor. If memory serves, 1 of those photographs was included in MAM. It's important to note that Dassey told his mother that he helped his uncle clean the garage and that bleach stains were clearly evident in photographs taken of Dassey's jeans.
What was the date that the luminol was applied?*

As I have noted elsewhere, Dassey's jeans should be examined under a microscope. This can differentiate between bleach stains and discoloration due to abrasion. There is a good pair of photographs that illustrate this point in a book coauthored by Jane Taupin.
*I believe that it was on 6 November. If so, then it is quite unlikely that bleach was responsible for the luminol reaction. Bleach loses its ability to react with luminol in about eight hours (PMID: 15966054; DOI: 10.1002/bio.865).
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