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Originally Posted by JTF View Post
You certainly have the right to give a hand wave to the talking points in my post, but your mix of pot shots with selective commentary (e.g., Luminol issue only), provides me with ample motivation to put forth the following challenge(s).

1) Please point out why the following statement in my post is "highly misleading."

"Subsequent testing was unable to produce a definitive source for the Luminol reaction, but analysts were able to determine that the concrete floor had been cleaned with bleach and pain thinner."

2) Please point out why the following statement(s) in my post are "highly misleading."

"Brendan Dassey admitted to his mother and investigators that he assisted his uncle in cleaning the garage floor with bleach and paint thinner. Investigators subsequently collected and photographed jeans worn by Dassey. The front of Dassey's jeans showed signs of apparent bleach splash patterns."

3) Please point out why the following statement(s) in my post are "highly misleading."

"Dassey constructed a drawing of his uncle's garage depicting Halbach, Avery, and Dassey in their locations when Teresa was murdered via gunshot(s) to the head. Two bullet fragments were found in the garage and one of those bullets bore traces of Halbach's DNA. State crime lab firearms expert William Newhouse concluded that this bullet had been fired from a rifle found hanging over Avery’s bed. Newhouse linked ammunition found in Avery's desk drawers to this bullet fragment."
I am impressed by the idea Brendan watched Teresa being executed.
Can we have the transcript from Weigert and Fassberger.
I am not saying he did not watch the event because there are difficulties I had not understood with the defence case for both Steven and Brendan.
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