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Originally Posted by JTF View Post
Beginning on page 62 of the following link... https://jenniferjslate.files.wordpre...ipt_3.1.06.pdf

... the issue of Brendan witnessing his uncle murder Teresa in the garage via gunshot(s) to the head is broached.

WIEGERT: All right. I'm just going to come out and ask you. Who shot her in the head?

DASSEY: He did.

FASSBENDER: Then why didn't you tell us that?

DASSEY: Cuz I didn't think of it.

FASSBENDER: Now you remember it? (Brendan nods "yes"). Tell us about that then.

DASSEY: That he shot her with his .22.

WIEGERT: You were there though?

"Cuz I didn't think of it" is a remarkable oversight for Brendan.
It suggests to me he is still trying to please the cops and get home to the wrestling show .
How could Steve, with a witness, persuade Teresa to be shot? Brendan it seems should have recalled quite a lot of detail once on a roll of disclosure.
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