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Richard Ofshe

"After watching the Dassey tapes, [Richard] Ofshe believes Dassey was giving a forced confession.

“I see something that almost makes one ashamed to be an American,” Ofshe said. “It’s that bad. I’ve studied the transcripts… they threatened him. They told him there are people who want to charge him and we are your shield from those people. … ‘We are going to help you.’ They tell him repeatedly as long as Steven told you to do this, you didn’t do anything wrong… And then through that they get him to say anything that they want him to say.”"


“Why didn’t you tell us that?” the investigator asked.

“Because I couldn’t think of it,” he responded.

[Laura] Nirider said, that “Any fair reading of that sequence is that Brendan is guessing. He’s guessing in an attempt to placate his interrogators.”

Richard Ofshe is associated with the Marty Tankleff and Norfolk Four cases of false confession.
It is possible both to be right about an issue and to take oneself a little too seriously, but I would rather be reminded of that by a friend than a foe. (a tip of the hat to Foolmewunz)
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