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Originally Posted by JTF View Post
"Dassey constructed a drawing of his uncle's garage depicting Halbach, Avery, and Dassey in their locations when Teresa was murdered via gunshot(s) to the head. Two bullet fragments were found in the garage and one of those bullets bore traces of Halbach's DNA. State crime lab firearms expert William Newhouse concluded that this bullet had been fired from a rifle found hanging over Avery’s bed. Newhouse linked ammunition found in Avery's desk drawers to this bullet fragment."
If Avery is innocent then this damning evidence needs to be handwaved away explained, and there is only one improbable logical explanation - the cops framed him.

That also means his big cleanup in the garage, large bonfire in the burn pit (complete with human remains), and having a meeting with Teresa Halbach earlier are all mere coincidences that the cops took advantage of. Of course they also had the remarkable luck to find her dead body and vehicle in locations that made it easy to frame him - or did they plan it all out ahead and actually caused these 'random' events to coincide?

How did the cops manage to get Teresa's hacked up body into the burn pit without Steven noticing, and how did they make sure he would set fire to it? How they fake all the other evidence? And who actually killed her - was it them, someone they paid to do the deed, or an unrelated murder that just happened to sync up with their plans? Perhaps one day the cops will come clean and tell us how they did it...

“When you have eliminated the evidence, whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth.” It's simply elementary.
We don't want good, sound arguments. We want arguments that sound good.
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