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Originally Posted by cullennz View Post
Have you ever justified the pay outs?
If I were facing prison, I'd be willing to pay out, too. Whether I was guilty or not. I mostly have faith in our justice system, but not enough to put my future on the line if money will make the problem go away.

I do believe that as wealthy as he was, he could've done far worse than what he was accused of -and gotten away with it without any consequences at all- just by surrounding himself with people who were like minded, and by going outside the USA. But he did neither.

I see the payouts as being "Yes; I'm rich. Yes, you're a pain in my ass. Yes; no good deed (such as letting you live in my home, and eat my food) goes unpunished. Yes; I will pay you to go far, far, far away now."

Not as an admission of guilt or a way to cleanse a conscious.

If he had child pornography in his closet, he would've been charged for it. That would not have required a parade of testimony from people who were plagued with their own credibility problems.

"We raided. We found this. Case closed."

Instead, the whole thing turned into a shark feeding frenzy that made a lot of people very famous and very wealthy, all at the expense of a very nave and eccentric entertainer who had spent his entire life insulated by wealth from ever having to consider how his actions could be perceived by those who wanted to hang him just so they could catch the loose change from his pockets.

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