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Originally Posted by casebro View Post
Better yet, not a centrist but a pragmatist who doesn't care about politics, but just might seize any opportunity to get things fixed in this country.

Problem is that what he thinks needs fixing is not what the majority on this board think needs fixing.
What is he going to fix? And how?

ACA? Without a replacement millions of people lose insurance and many die.

Immigration? Still waiting to hear how Mexico is going to pay for that wall. And for those people whose land is seized to build that wall, **** em. How about an another Operation Wetback? That should please all the farmers with their crops rotting in the fields.

ISIS? The generals are waiting for Donald to tell them how they can be defeated.

China? A trade war? And when that first Christmas comes around and there are no toys on the shelves he will be the President that destroyed Christmas.

Global Climate Change? Since it's a fraud, I guess this will appeal to all those in Tennessee wanting ocean front propety.
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