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Originally Posted by Spindrift View Post
Worse than this is to allow insurance companies to operate across state lines. There are a lot of states that have their own 'pre-existing condition' clause. If insurance companies can operate across state lines then that will get around the state laws as well. So many people don't understand how devastating that will be to them. You have cancer? Sorry, but we won't pay for your treatment because your spouse changed jobs and insurance plans. You child is allergic. Sorry that's a pre-existing condition and we're not paying for those $600 epi-pens. Your gall bladder needs to be taken out? Sorry we're not paying for that because you were diagnosed with gall bladder issues before you changed jobs.
Insurance doesn't cover $600 epipens now. Has to do with how it is classified. That is why there was outrage, the consumer saw the price of the medicine increasing instead of just their premium.
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