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Originally Posted by RecoveringYuppy View Post
Well then don't accept yes because no one in this thread is asking you to. I'd ask why the hell you have such a hard time this with but I think I see your problem.
Look, I get it. You don't agree with me and you think I'm way off base. Fine. Consider me informed as such.

This is not true in the world of reality. Gray areas are all over the place.
Yes, there are gray areas. Still, doctors either act ethically when confronted with a grey area or they don't. We can externally judge whether or not that ethical decision was sound.

No. And this could probably mean that you have no idea what ethics actually are. Ethics are shared opinions about what people want in each others behavior. There is no objective standard built in to nature nor handed down by God.
??? You must be confused; I never mentioned God or nature. The profession is responsible for creating the ethics code. Those "shared opinions" have been formalized into a Code of Ethics. That is the objective standard by which we can judge the actions of professionals.

I don't see a single person in this thread proposing an idiosyncratic idea of ethics.
Well, let's put it this way: If there is no external and objective ethical code; what else could it be but idiosyncratic?
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