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Originally Posted by xjx388 View Post
Any medical decision is either in accord with ethics or it is not. .....
Stop right there. What kind of black and white world do you live in?

Is abortion ethical? Is it unethical?

(True story) If a married man is diagnosed with an STD and asks you to keep that confidential from his wife, how do you do that?

(Another true story) You diagnose an elderly man with cancer and the family asks you not to tell him. What if that family is from a country in Asia where keeping that diagnosis from one's parents is the cultural norm?

Gray areas are navigable with guidance.
Whose guidance?

(Another true story) Non-English speaking family comes in the ED with a vomiting child. They show the doctor a coffee can with the emesis in it. The can also has cigarette butts in it (their ashtray) and the doctor thinks they are trying to say the kid ate cigarettes.

Doctor has the staff give the kid ipecac. Meanwhile the translator arrives and explains what happened.

Now the kid starts vomiting and the family doesn't quite get it why so they insist on medication. The kid was otherwise OK.

Several ED docs consult with each other and decide to prescribe cherry syrup to make the family happy. There are a dozen ethical dilemmas there.

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