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Originally Posted by Meadmaker View Post
I see Mitt Romney is blasting the Trump administration for failing to develop a vaccine distribution plan.

I didn't vote for Mitt, but I always thought he was a decent fellow.

I just hope our President-Elect is working hard to fix the problem. He can't do anything official until January 20, but I hope he is ready to hit the ground running on day 1, or at least on day 2. (We should probably give him at least one day to enjoy the job. The next four years it gets harder.)
Originally Posted by Minoosh View Post
I'm not sure he's decent but I do believe he's competent.

Quietly task Mitt with this. He seems well organized. I don't know if the world ever works that way.
I'm going to second Minoosh here and take it a bit further. Romney's really not what one should call a decent person after the harm he did with Bain Capital. Competent, though, and slightly more principled than most of the rest of the major GOP politicians, however, yes. Sadly, that bar is so close to the ground that pretty much any normal person wouldn't even need to break stride to step over it.

Originally Posted by Minoosh View Post
It's ******* unbelievable that they haven't released his name. Maybe with the holidays reporters are stretched thin, but there is absolutely no reason not to release his name. This is kind of "the principle" of the thing for me. No, for the world at large his name doesn't matter, but really if the government is going to take the step of arresting and incarcerating someone that person needs to be formally acknowledged and publicly identified. Just not releasing the name is a bad precedent - as is reporters accepting this situation. FOIA!
What are the chances that they just happen to be white? If they were black, I'd expect a name and an unflattering mugshot, after all. I might just be particularly peeved at the 63-year old Nashville suicide bomber basically getting an elementary school photo published in the reporting about him, though.

Originally Posted by Minoosh View Post
I wonder why they even admitted it. Are they trying to mitigate domestic damage?
Domestic political damage, at least.
So sayeth the crazy little dragon.

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