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Originally Posted by Horatius View Post
In the spirit of bi-partisanship (from abroad, anyways), it's time for a new version of my not-quite-four-years-old thread.

Waking up to the news that it appears the Democrats have won both the Georgia run-off elections, this means that, for the next two years at least, they have control of all of Congress and the Presidency. After 6 years of obstinate refusal by Moscow Mitch to even consider any legislation passed by the Democratic House, the Dems are finally in position to pass laws to make their agenda a reality.

What it really means is that Moscow Mitch won't be able to block bills from reaching the Senate floor, even after they've been passed by the House and have broad Senate support. But they can only pass if every Democrat votes for them. I think you will find that some Democratic senators from conservative states, particularly Joe Manchin, won't automatically support every Democratic proposal. The Democrats' real hope might be to attract a few responsible Repubs to get behind stimulus payments, tax reform, qualified judges, etc. But even they won't go too far to support mainstream Democratic goals.

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