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Originally Posted by Darat View Post
Which of Biden’s policies/goals worry you?
I wouldn't hold Biden's policies as examples of the progressive wish list I am talking about.

Originally Posted by plague311 View Post
The only bills the Dems ever get through are centrist. Look at Obamacare, it was basically a Republican plan. The progressives have started making noise, and with the younger generation taking hold (Ossoff will be the youngest Democrat Senator or something crazy?) like AOC, and the squad. I don't know if center is going to work. I hope they definitely push this country as far left as possible. Even us out with the world a bit more.
Republicans will try to block any and all I would suspect, so maybe compromise won't be on the table. But I think the progressive push left is a bubble of thought that doesn't reflect the party as much as they would like, and the compromises might be starting within the party before it even comes to what is proposed to the other side.

Originally Posted by Horatius View Post
I'd go for a "Medicare for Most" type of plan. Medicare for all is probably a non-starter, but even expanding coverage significantly could have the biggest impact on the most people.

The first time a Trump voter goes to the ER, worried more about the cost than their health, and is told that the visit won't cost them a penny out of pocket, has to have an impact on at least some of them. Even getting 1% of them to come to their senses could secure the Democrats victory in 2022.

I think building on/finishing off a push on healthcare specifically during a health crisis could probably be their best play. I like the idea of universal catastrophic insurance, since that would basically cover the horror stories about medical bankruptcies and the issues that go with it. Maybe there is some middle ground to be had there somewhere that could be worked out, but not sure if it could be done without getting rid of the filibuster.

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