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Originally Posted by SuburbanTurkey View Post
"Back the Blue" from the fascists is very much a transactional position. They like the cops when either the cops beat up their political enemies, or, more likely, look the other way while fascists engage in extralegal violence themselves.

It's routine to see these overt fascists or MAGA CHUDs having a freakout whenever they are the subject of even the lowest level of crowd control policing. It's quite clear that they believe the violence of the state should only apply to their enemies.

Plenty of examples of police tacitly acknowledging this arrangement, and the disparity in police response when it comes to right wing vs left wing demonstrations is undeniable. The few examples of this arrangement failing does not mean that the police are not broadly sympathetic to the fascist ideology.
TBH, I don't think they know what 'ideology' means. There was a point in Trump's 'rally' when he yelled that the election results were, 'An explosion of ********!' and the crowd responded, '********! ********!'

Not the sharpest cards in the pack.
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