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Yeah, Trump himself has assured he can't run for president in 2024. Even if he's not prosecuted, and still able to ace a bigly difficult dementia test in 2024, I doubt the GOP would let him back in. If he runs as an independent, there is no way the people would stand for him becoming POTUS again. The 2021 coup attempt would be nothing compared to the reaction from the liberals if Trump won.
Even if Trump was to somehow win the Republican 2024 nomination, I think there's enough republicans who would refuse to vote for him in the general election, it would neuter his chances of winning. Anecdotal, I know, but my FiL is a long time blue-collar Republican. His family has always voted republican, as has he. He voted for Trump in the election (under some very tenuous reasoning about Biden going to quickly resign so Harris will be president). Now he's calling for Trump to resign or be impeached and to never run for office again. I think there's a very real split in the party forming over this.
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