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Originally Posted by JoeMorgue View Post
It scares me that Trump still (ostensibly, it's really hard to get a firm grip on exactly how many loops Trump has been cut out of at this point) has access to the EAS.

I keep waiting to hear my TV make that squeal siren and start reading "IT'S ALL FAKE! THE ELECTION WAS STOLEN!" start scrolling across the screen.
That reminds me. It was 1pm local time Jan 6 when our nuke sirens went off. (OK, tornado alert.) Of course, it was the standard scheduled monthly test, but I was watching the riot escalate at the time.

Then about 2:30 an EMERGENCY ALERT card came up on the TV. It was another required monthly test, but they usually do those at like, 3am.

Both of those sounds I find particularly hair-raising. Especially so that day.
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