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Businesses Govern Trump

It seems to me that businesses are stepping into the government vaccuum to rein Trump in:
  • Twitter and Facebook have banned him.
  • Stripe inc., a credit card processing company, will no longer process card payments for Trump's campaign website. (1)
  • took businesses run by Trump's business and campaign off-line. (1)
  • The Mayor of New York City is considering canceling contracts with the Trump Organization that runs two ice rinks, the Central Park Carousel, and a golf course. (2)
  • Deutsche Bank, the holder of Trump's largest debt, and the firm that has propped up the Trump Organization for two decades announced it would no longer do business with the president. (3)
  • "Another of Trump’s key lenders, Signature Bank, said it was closing his two personal accounts, which held a combined $5.3m in deposits." (3)
  • The US Professional Golfers’ Association said it would no longer hold its championship in May 2022 at Trump’s New Jersey golf club. (3)
  • Leading firms and banks have said that they will stop donating money to Trump through political action committees (PACs). The companies include Coca-Cola, the Marriott hotel chain, AT&T, JPMorgan Chase, Goldman Sachs, Citigroup, and Morgan Stanley. (3)
Right now quite frankly I feel relieved that large organizations are doing what they can to make a dangerous man less powerful during a very vulnerable time for our country. I'm not aware of anything llike this being ever being done on such a large scale before. But it also makes me feel a little uneasy. Will this become the new normal and be done to other people who may not be evil but just unpopular or not to the liking of large corporations?




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