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Setting aside whether a chief executive of the government should have the pardon power:

My new proposed amendment:
1. The president can not pardon themselves.
2. No pardons between November and February.
3. Pardons shall be issued with the advice and consent of the Senate?
4. The president shall specify the crime for which with pardon is being issued.

That last one is to prevent "I pardon all those guys for who stormed the Capital for anything and everything. May not be necessary.

As to whether or not the president and governors should have the power. I just don't see a problem with it, I just think this current office holder has revealed some issues that just weren't that big a deal until him. Practically, I think it would be much harder to pass an amendment to get rid of it entirely than to just add some reasonable and modest limits.

I'm currently listening to a constitutional scholar who thinks that a self pardon could be unconstitutional and it is certainly impeachable. Also, it appears that there may have been one territorial governor that has pardoned himself in the 19th century.
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