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Someone posted this article in another thread, but I thought it would be more relevant here...

From: Yahoo
After last week's assault on the U.S. Capitol by Trump supporters, right after Trump urged them to march on the Capitol, Trump is not in the pardoning mood. "The president has been warned, David, by some of his lawyers that if he goes ahead and pardons himself, he could be more vulnerable to civil lawsuits, including from some of those injured in the Capitol riot, because a self-pardon would be seen as an admission that he did something wrong that he would need to be pardoned for," (Reporter Johnathan) Karl said. "The president is angry, he has not taken that well, and I am told that he is now saying that he doesn't want to see pardons for anybody. So the attitude seems to be: 'If I can't get a pardon, then nobody else should get one, either.'"

Earlier, someone suggested Trump might try self pardoning because there is "no risk". Well, looks like there might be a risk because Trump could get sued by MAGAchuds who fell for his claims.
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