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Originally Posted by Captain_Swoop View Post
To be impeached once may be regarded as a misfortune.
To be impeached twice is a clear sign you’re a lying, corrupt, sociopathic fascist
They say this impeachment, can you believe it? Never before seen. Never before. Historic, nobody’s ever been impeached twice. Give me a break. Oh, oh, oh, Trump is so bad. He’s so bad. He’s the worst. You look at these radical left Democrats, the biggest witch hunt in history. Nobody’s ever seen anything like it. So horrible what they’ve done, so horrible. Trump is so bad, let’s impeach him again.

Crazy Nancy, she’s crazy you know. Says she prays for Trump. Give me a break. Such lies. Lies like you’ve never seen.

Folks, there’s only one reason to impeach. Because I’m in there every day fighting for you. Fighting like nobody’s ever fought. And they can’t stand it. So terrible what they do. Terrible. So they impeach. Phony, phony lies they all make up. Trump did this, Trump did that. It’s a disgrace.

Ooo, he’ll go down in history. He’s so bad. He’s so terrible. Impeach, impeach, impeach. But y’know what? I’m glad to go down in history. It makes me happy. Oh, oh sir, how can you say that? Aren’t you angry? Can you believe it? Me, a 92% approval? I said I’d drain the swamp, right? Am I right? I mean nobody’s ever fought so hard for you. And I wouldn’t let them take away your freedom or your second amendment or your stolen votes.

Look, it is what it is. A perfect phone call, let’s impeach. A totally appropriate speech, let’s impeach. Fighting for you good people like nobody’s ever fought before, let’s impeach. They can’t stand it. But I won. Total landslide. Always remember.

God bless America.
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