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Originally Posted by Puppycow View Post
Civil unrest is probably a more accurate prediction, and one could say that we have already reached that point.

But as has been noted many times, the US has a hell of a lot of guns in the hands of a hell of a lot of people, more than most other countries. "Civil unrest" in the US is likely to involve a lot fewer rock-throwers and a lot more gun battles.

Originally Posted by PhantomWolf View Post
Finally. Most Trumpers would just run away when the bullets started coming back at them. The few that don't will either end up dead or arrested after wandering through an open door and finding themselves suddenly in a federal building.

Oh, sure, most of them will run when the shooting starts. But that's true of any group of people.

But the one who don't run will quite quickly learn the lessons every other group of newbies learn on the way to becoming veterans. If they survive the lesson, they could be a real problem.
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