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Originally Posted by Meadmaker View Post
That's something I find somewhat depressing.

You can't convince me that there are no Democrats who think that impeaching him so close to the end of the term is a bad idea.

You can't convince me that there are no more than 10 Republicans who consider him unfit to be the President, and who thinks it's important to at least make a statement to that effect.

In other words, there's nothing inherently partisan about the question of removing him, and yet we get an almost perfect straight party line vote.
You see there, right there, that's post-facts trying to sneak its way back into the conversation.

If half a group says one thing and half a group says another, that doesn't always mean there's a valid disagreement.

If I ask 50 biologist and 50 Southern Baptist is evolution is true, the fact that I already know that within a rounding error with almost all of the biologist are going say "Yes of course it is, you're an idiot for an asking, it's been hundreds of years why are we still arguing about this" and all the Southern Baptist are going to say "GET BEHIND ME SATAN!" that doesn't mean I have to furrow my brow and go "Well it has to be a partisan issue."

Yes it is a partisan issue, in the sense that one party is factually correct and the other side is not. It's not a sign of "Partisan" as some sort of bias we have to worry about.
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