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Originally Posted by JoeMorgue View Post
Then Congress shouldn't be wasting their time with them.
I'm having a hard time imagining a functional system of government where this formulation makes rational sense. Any system that allows legislators to bring whatever arbitrary bill is needed, must necessarily allow legislators to bring all kinds of arbitrary bills that many would argue are unneeded.

Right now, that argument takes place in the legislature itself. A legislator proposes a bill, finds a sponsor, drums up support, tries to get it through committee and into a floor vote, etc. If he's worried his constituents think it's a bad idea or a waste of time, he'll give it up. If he can't convince enough of his fellow legislators to go along with it, it dies.

If you set up an authority to pre-judge these things, then the argument just takes place at that level instead, and kibitzers will come kibitzing that the Pre-Judge shouldn't be wasting their time with frivolous matters. Who will Pre-Judge the Pre-Judges? Judges?

Either you end up creating a whole new venue of government just to waste the exact same time on the exact same things, or you end up with a system that's so far up its own ass that nothing ever gets done and it's all just a waste of time.
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