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Originally Posted by Fast Eddie B View Post
I think so.

Unlike last time, the Democrats can conduct a real trial with real evidence and testimony. Subpoena Giuliani and ask him what he meant by suggesting a “Trial by Combat”. Or who came up with the letter below and if the President ever approved of or made a speech trying to recruit a Trump Army for “fighting off the Liberal MOB”. Even asking what the camo color scheme was supposed to invoke.

It might just end up being a “Show Trial”, but I think both we as a people, and history, would benefit from the show. I know I would.

Originally Posted by JoeMorgue View Post
And like I said the last impeachment was too much political skullduggery involving things done for political gain which, sadly, far too many Americans have resigned themselves to the idea that "all politicians do it" so there was less emotional "oomph" from proving that Trump did it.

This is... not that.
Exactly - it's the first step in determining the truth. And a *proper* impeachment that looks at evidence (Yes Mitch) is needed. In fact for the travesty of the Ukraine call too.

Originally Posted by quadraginta View Post
There was one, which seemed to be a talking point of sorts since it was used by so many of them, that fascinated me because it seemed to depend on the general lack of understanding of just what impeachment meant.

They complained that the impeachment was flawed because there had been no trial. I'm sorry none of the Dems bothered to point out that impeachment was the step taken so that there could be a trial.
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