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Originally Posted by Suddenly View Post
Personal choice is a far different thing from wanting data on these things pushed on people as it they should matter.

I mean, if I see someone in a short sleeve dress shirt and tie I immediately assume they are a serial killer. There is a chance they are just an engineer or a music major or something, but why quibble?

I'm not starting a watchlist or anything tho.
Your assumptions are valid. I would only add mormon missionary to your list of serial killers who have found a loophole that allows them some cover for their weird fetish.

But back on topic, why not advocate for a graphic that tells you the number of times an elected official has worn a short sleeved shirt with a tie in public? It could be nested right beside my tie with a button-downed collar graphic, seer sucker suit counter, Tabasco tie tally, and whatever these whiners want to know about boating or whatever their petty complaint du jour is.

We need data on issues important and petty. The NFL could help make this work. OK, they may need help from Nickelodeon to avoid that weird robot/player thing, but still, we have the technology.
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