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Originally Posted by thaiboxerken View Post
Sadly, there are people in the USA that believe it's a hoax. They believe it, even when their family, spouses, loved ones die of it. They believe it even when Covid put them in their death beds. It's freaking weird.
It is weird. Many nurses and doctors have had patients become enraged, even threatening, when informed they tested positive for Covid-19. THERE'S NO SUCH THING!!!

Karina Molina loves being a nurse, but ever since the third wave of COVID-19 hit — bringing a record number of cases to her state of Kentucky — the idea of going to work fills her with dread...One of the more troubling things she has witnessed is that some individuals, even while battling the virus, still believe it’s a hoax. “We can only tell people it’s real so many times. We’ll have patients come up positive and they’ll say, ‘You're just trying to take our money’ or ‘You didn't do it correctly,” she says. “People have said, ‘No, I’m not going up to the COVID unit. I don't have it.’ How do you argue that? How much more real can it get?” Yahoo Lifestyles link
A friend and former co-worker -- he now is relocated to Texas -- is battling Covid-19. He told me (via email) he and his family always wear masks but may have caught it from someone who was asymptomatic at a family gathering over the holidays. Although his doctor has told him his case is "mild," he told me it is hellish. He has no trouble breathing -- it has not gotten into his lungs -- so he hasn't had to be hospitalized. His fever has never passed about 100°.

He told me he started out with a headache, runny nose, chills, muscle pain. After the first four or five days it got more serious. He lost taste and smell. He had the worst cramps he's ever had in his lower back and legs -and they lasted 20-30 minutes. He had bouts of nausea and could not keep food down. Occasional fever and chills. General malaise. Trouble sleeping more than an hour or two. His temperature would suddenly spike to 99° or 100°, like "I was sitting under a sun lamp." Today is day eleven and he's starting to come out of it. All the symptoms have become much less severe. He's very weak though due to loss of appetite and inability to keep food down.

His oldest son (about 16) is the only other family member to have contracted it. He had a mild case -- very bad headaches -- but he is largely symptom free now. The rest of the family is fine and has tested negative.
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