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Originally Posted by Upchurch View Post
Yes, the Founders permitted slavery to continue in their new country. Some didn't want it included, some did. Those who didn't knew the colonies would never unite if they drew that line, so they essentially decided to kick the can down the road and deal with it at a later time. Not the best decision, but likely the only one that had a path that got them free from the British.
In fairness to the founding fathers, they had reason to believe that slavery In the US was fading fast. From 1783 to 1830 slaves were being freed in large numbers. It just was not economical to have them at that time. When Nat Turner's rebellion hit, there was actually some brief soul-searching done by even the Southern states who wondered if this was an institution they wanted to end.

But then the Cotton Gin kicked in and so did the money. Since they were no longer soul-searching about ending slavery they now had to justify why they had human chattel. Biblical sources were used, mudsilers spoke, and a host of other justifications invoked to justify slavery, even if they tried to avoid using that term. When those justifications failed (and oh, did they fail) they could always resort to the likes of Preston Brooks to keep them nasty Northerners out of their peculiar institution.
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