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She left at the age of 15 or 16 if my math is right. Give her a second chance. Don't get me wrong, she deserves some time in prison first, but everyone deserves to be forgiven for crimes committed before they were 18 eventually.

The problem is that hundreds of previous cases in the UK have shown that we should have little confidence that many, if any, of these individuals actually change their belief in fundamentalist Islam and the need to form Islamic religious states by jihad.

There have now been hundreds of Islamist trials in the UK, and the evidence in those cases showed that wherever it has been possible to check on the subsequent views of people who had been convicted, few if any had genuinely abandoned their "jihad".

We are not dealing here with the typical sort of violent criminal behaviour that is so often associated with a very poor parental background, poor education and few job oppurtunites, drug and alcohol addiction etc. This is major criminal behavior (it's actually deliberate mass murder) that's resulting from fundemenatlist religious beliefs .. . it's almost impossible to change the mindset of people who are acting from such deeply held religious convictions.

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