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Originally Posted by theprestige View Post
Thank you. This all seems reasonable (though depressing) to me. I think we can probably find a lot to argue about, but broadly speaking we seem to be in agreement on the main points.

So, in the context of this reasonable doom and gloom, do you think it's reasonable to celebrate Thunberg's effect on the problem?
Celebrate is not the word I would use and I do not think it correctly describes her supporters, either here or in real life.

I do think her efforts, and the efforts of anyone else who gets that involved, should be encouraged. I certainly see nothing to be gained by disparaging her or her supporters.

As I said in the post you quoted:

Originally Posted by Steve View Post

All that doom and gloom said, I still think the goals are worth working toward and I will offer no criticism of anybody trying to work toward those goals, even if an individual's actions prove to have little effect.
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