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Originally Posted by Dr.Sid View Post
I mean if you, Australia, went to 0 emissions. Everybody has to do it, China in the first place.
Nearly everybody globally has to change a LOT of things they do.

Originally Posted by The Atheist View Post
Originally Posted by Orphia Nay View Post algae, lower water-level lake - all about 2 months earlier this summer.
Pah, our lakes are much dirtier than your lakes:

Meanwhile, on the fires, even Bananarama's weighing in:

This is because, while the climate science is crystal clear, global climate politics remain murky, mired in fear of disrupting the status quo.

Nevertheless, Iím not one to mince words; and, to be frank, Iím exhausted by the lack of accountability that comes from this type of tip-toeing.
Hi TA. Haha, I haven't seen the latest cyanobacteria reading.

I may have to call the water authority, since Australia's reputation is at stake.

I've reported the blue-green algae before, which happens near the end of every summer.

In the latest local announcement I saw, all the angry hordes of locals were blaming the council.

Blue-green algae and many algal blooms are caused by excess fertiliser and animal waste runoff - in this case, from land upstream into our lake.

The hordes would freak out if they suddenly realised they actually had to change their own land use.

(I left a subtle little comment about the causes in a tiny offshoot discussion. )
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