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Originally Posted by SuburbanTurkey View Post
Video released from 2015 medical neglect case that resulted in the death of the inmate.

I've seen a lot of these police abuse videos and this one is extremely upsetting. Unlike many other such videos, this one has audio.

The man, 26 year old Terral Ellis, died slowly over several days due to untreated sepsis related to pneumonia. Cameras captured video and audio of Ellis as he slowly died, begging jail staff to get him medical aid as his condition deteriorated. Audio repeatedly captured Ellis accurately describing his symptoms and begging for aid, only to be verbally abused and neglected by jail staff.

EMS was once called after Ellis had a seizure, but jail staff informed the medics that they believed him to be faking his illness and urged them not to take him to the hospital.

Jail staff repeatedly mocked him and accused him of faking his illness, even as he legs began to change colors and he was unable to walk to get water or urinate.

The final interaction with jail staff before Ellis died resulted in the jail nurse threatening him with discipline and further restraint if he didn't stop complaining. He later lost consciousness and only then was transported to the hospital, where he was pronounced dead.

Nobody has been charged for this death and the only consequence is an unresolved civil case.

Ellis voluntarily surrendered himself to the jail at the urging of his grandmother. He was serving time for a DUI case and only survived 12 days in custody.

Jesus. ******* Christ.

I haven't seen the video. honestly, I don't want to, I'm not brave enough.

If I were to take a wild guess at this man's ethnicity, would I be right?
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