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Originally Posted by Matthew Best View Post
Doubling down was pretty predictable too. Say something incorrect and insist you were right the whole time. Keep it up! I'm sure somebody is convinced.

(Actually I'm not sure at all.)
We were discussing Begum who is/was British with a mother who is/was Bangladeshi.

As an aside I mentioned USA/French citizenship and used the shorthand 'born in the USA' as the principle behind USA law, similar to France.

There was zero relevance for me to recite the entire USA or French nationality act and their exceptions under various subsections and byelaws.

Your pouncing on something trivial to accuse me of wrongdoing is just pure nastiness reflects on you.

The gist of what I said remains true and unchanged by your erroneous claim that it is false or that I am a ne'er-do-well who tried to deceive by failing to cite the entire breadth of the USA. French, UK, Bangladeshi nationality acts.

Fact is, Begum even if her mother was Bangladeshi, like the USA citizenship requirements of overseas born persons of a national, the person needs to claim citizenship of said country by age 18 if the parent has not done so.

There is nothing underhand whatsoever by this assertion.

I note that you make a point of trawling through my posts trying to spot typos or things that you can attack me for out of all proportion. Lucky you that I don't reciprocate in kind. But then your aim was simply to wind me up.
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