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Originally Posted by Vixen View Post
Rubbish. I was talking specifically to do with the circumstances around Begum. So it was not necessary to spell out the exceptions to US nationality law.
It was not necessary for you to mention US law at all! But for some reason you chose to do so - and I pointed out your error. if you don't like your errors being pointed out, I have a simple remedy for you - stop making them. I suspect, from long and tedious experience, it's one you won't take on board.

Born in the USA is indeed the principle that drives USA nationality laws.

Go on, bore us all about, suppose a baby is born midflight, etc, etc.
As you already pointed out, a baby born anywhere in the world to US parents can claim US citizenship. What being born midflight has to do with it, I have no idea. I suspect neither do you.

You either do not understand legal priniciples or you do but just want to be obstreperous.
I think you meant to say "principles".
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