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Originally Posted by BobTheCoward View Post
You can't have a discussion about causes or what something is about without litigating what it means for something to be a cause.
You most certainly can and at ISF, it's generally confined to the R&P subforum. You may not understand this, but there are quite a few people who enjoy discussion of all kinds of topics which do not necessarily touch upon philosophy and who are most willing to agree to the definitions of words and concepts (foregoing your "causal litigation").

In fact, it seems that people were coming along just fine in this thread before you decided to turn it into a philosophical side-track.

Originally Posted by BobTheCoward View Post
I will not prove that, but I'm not actually required to agree to terms that we haven't arrived at before. You are free to do with that as you wish.
In light of this, can you point to the agreement we all have given to divert into the philosophical litigation of what it means for something to be a cause?
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