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Originally Posted by Lambchops View Post
1) Are you seriously claiming that Chelsea Clinton is not a public figure?

2) What is "the lesson to be learned" here?

Edit: Pulling the "young woman" card is pretty funny. Chelsea Clinton is a fully grown 39 year old woman. That's the exact age I am, and I don't feel particulary young. She was confronted by a 19 year old girl.

Chelsea is a public figure only because of accident of birth. Are we allowed to yell incoherent accusations at any child of someone we hate? Is that the kind of toxic behavior we want to champion?

Keep in mind that Chelsea was arriving to attend a prayer vigil in remembrance of victims of a massacre. What a monster! Clearly the actions of new She Hitler.

If that blowup hadn't happened Chelsea would have just been there like anyone else trying to process the grief and sadness of the situation. The one who turned her into a "princess" was the girl that decided she couldn't just be there being quiet she had to find her and yell at her.
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