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Originally Posted by theprestige View Post
This. I'm really wondering why they, Ladewig's interlocutor, Ladewig himself, Travis, or anyone else even gives a **** about this.

Imagine how pathetic it would be, if one of our esteemed progressives were to come around in 2026 with some lame-ass "President Trump, it was you" list. And how pathetic it would be if anyone bothered to try to debunk it.
Well, the thread is rightfully in Conspiracy Theories. You can't really count on anything other than not being able to count on the orderliness of conspiracy whackjobs. If one were to post this in Politics, you'd still have ten to a dozen right wingers jumping on the Get 'Im bandwagon. You don't think there's an active section of the current Spawn of Robert Welch brand of conservatives who would be all over this and spewing the same nonsense?

It's not the date of the material but the fact that Obama is still out there and a target for the reprobates. Have you not noticed who's in the White House?

So I wouldn't be so quick to dismiss it because you know as well as I do that there's an excellent chance the Donnie, Don Jr. or Eric will tweet it out next week!
Ha! Foolmewunz has just been added to the list of people who aren't complete idiots. Hokulele

It's not that liberals have become less tolerant. It's that conservatives have become more intolerable.
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