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Originally Posted by baron View Post
Not taking them back. You don't have to strip a person of their citizenship to not allow them access to the country. What happens to her then, you ask? Who cares? At best she'll be imprisoned or killed abroad; at worst, she'll go live in an Islamic country more accepting of her views.

I'm not surprised about such a response coming from you, it's just not good enough for people who care about not sinking as low as "the enemy".

I see two alternatives.

1) Putin sends some White Swans who fly those people straight back to London and Berlin etc and drop them there (with parachutes).

2) The main culprit in brainwashing these people with programs worth many billions in the first place, Saudi Arabia, orders Bin Laden company to build a giant wall somewhere in the Saudi desert, maybe near enough to Mecca and Medina so they can see it when they blow up themselves, and create a "Violence Experience Park" inside for all those who feel the urge to live in some 8th century Mad Max scenario. We can drop what's inside Idlib province there as well and on request everybody else gets a one-way ticket with basic (8th century) food and shelter provided.

Actually the latter is the only "serious" alternative I see.
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