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Originally Posted by PartSkeptic View Post
My "long run" includes my soul in the after-life, and the many reincarnations. If you wish to limit yourself to the end of your physical life then you may be right. You may also be one of the souls selected for termination so that it truly is the end for you.
I've just whiled away the last few minutes inventing the following scenario:

In the far distance future humanity's descendants have advanced to the point that they can retrieve minds from the distant past and create virtually immortal bodies for them. They can pick and choose the individuals they want to join them, and decide that the irrational - those who chose to remain wilfully ignorant - are so unlike them, and will have so much trouble adjusting to their world, that they are best not reincarnated. So anyone who chose to believe any kind of woo (and of course anyone who voted for Trump or Brexit) doesn't get an afterlife.

Hey, that was fun.

And of course I have just as much reason to believe my scenario as you do to believe yours, i.e. none whatever.
"If you trust in yourself ... and believe in your dreams ... and follow your star ... you'll still get beaten by people who spent their time working hard and learning things" - Terry Pratchett
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